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🔰<b>Common Mistakes That Fresh Hackers Make🔰

1. If you see a website offering hacking software or offering to hack email ids for money, avoid them. These websites are nothing but scams and won’t work.

2. A software that claims to hack giants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and the like is a hoax. There are no such software available. You may get yourself hacked while trying to get these.

3. Don’t use keyloggers and Trojans found as freeware online. These software aren’t meant to be free and you will be giving access to your own computer to another hacker.

4. Programming and scripting languages are very important parts of any hacker’s arsenal. If you plan to use software only then you would also be limited by the software’s functionalities.

5. A good hacker is a good programmer, security expert, developer and good script writer. It is usually not the other way around. You must known this for cross site scripting like P(Pishing)

Ⓜ️ Be Good in This 5 Things To Be Hacker

🔰<b>Common Mistakes That Fresh Hackers Make🔰 🔰<b>Common Mistakes That Fresh Hackers Make🔰
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