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Based  on the attitude and skill level they possess, hackers are classified into the following types:

White Hat Hacker : A white hat hacker (also known  as ethical hacker) is  someone who uses his skills only  for defensive purposes such as penetration testing. These type of hackers are often  hired by many organizations in order to ensure the security of their information systems.

Black Hat Hacker :  A black hat hacker (also known as cracker) is  someone  who
always uses his skills for offensive purposes. The intention of black hat hackers is  to gain money or take personal revenge by causing damage  to information systems.

Grey Hat Hacker:  A grey hat hacker is someone who falls in between the white hat
and black hat category. This type of hacker may use his skills both for defensive and offensive purposes.

Script Kiddie: A script kiddie is  a wannabe hacker😅. These  are the ones who lack the knowledge of how a computer system really works but use ready-made programs, tools and scripts to break into computers

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