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Framework for Rogue Wi-Fi Access Features

Rogue Wi-Fi Access Point
Deauth Attack Clients AP
Probe Request Monitor
DHCP Starvation Attack
Credentials Monitor
Transparent Proxy
Windows Update Attack
Phishing Manager
Partial Bypass HSTS protocol
Support beef hook
ARP Poison
DNS Spoof
Patch Binaries via MITM (BDF-Proxy)
LLMNR, NBT-NS and MDNS poisoner (Responder)
Pumpkin-Proxy (ProxyServer (mitmproxy API))
Capture images on the fly
TCP-Proxy (with scapy)
Moduled plugins and proxys
Wireless Mode support hostapd-mana/hostapd-karma attacks
You will have to have an Ethernet as well as one Wifi adapter (support AP mode) available for WiFi-Pumpkin to work.

Framework for Rogue Wi-Fi Access Features Framework for Rogue Wi-Fi Access
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