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Carding with Android

What Is Carding :-
Carding is a online froud in this you can buy any order Without using Money  this trick is 100% Working. In this you can buy more than 60000Rs product also.
Note:- First you can do LOW price order Carding.
Requirements :-
1. Android Phone ( Rooted )
Note :- If your phone is not rooted then can download KingoRoot apk from Google.
2. CC ( Working )
Note:-  CC means Credit Card.
3. droid Vpn Apk
4.Full Fat 3G/4G/ WiFi Net
Note:- You can do with 2G also but using 3G/4G/WiFi is better than 2G
5. CC Matching Sock5
What is Sock5 (In Details)  :-
CC Matching Sock5 is definently needed Bcos from which place you get CC You want to take that place or location matching Sock5. Sock5 is  one type of site which helps us to hide Our IP Address.With this at Carding time the the owner of product site can't identify you that you were doing fraud and they don't block your CC. For this you have to take Sock5 CC Matching.
From Where You Can Take CC and Sock5 :-
CC and Sock5 you can buy from Google any Trusted site but don't forget CC And Sock5 are Matching.
Carding Steps :-
Step1:- First you buy CC from any Trusted Site.
Step2:- Buy CC Matching Sock5.
Note:- Sock5 And CC  Matching Only.
Step3:- Now do your browser Clear Data.
Step4:- Now You Do Droid Vpn or Do Login.
Step5:-  Do Login In Droid Vpn And Set Proxy Host = Put Sock5 proxy, Proxy Port = Put Sock5 Port, Proxy Type = Select Sock5.
Step6:- Now Open Your Browser In Private Mode and Make New Gmail or Email On CC Owner Name.
Note:-  Put that email only which you have given at CC Buying Time.
Step7:- Now In Any Product Site Create New Account with That email.
Note:- Use That Email Only That You Have given at CC Buying Time.
Step8:- Now Put That Order In Your Cart That You Have To Buy And LogOut Your Account Atleast For 1 Hours.
Step9:- After 1 Hour Do Login in Product site Account.
Note:- Don't Forget To Connect Sock5 Proxy.
Step10:- Now select That product that you have put in Cart and put your Name And Address.
Step11:- Now go on paytm site and select CC now while giving payment time with CC it will ask address put that address which you have given at CC buying time.
I Am not responsible for this do at your own risk this carding is for learning purpose.
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