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Baisc commands of Kali Linux - for beginners

Kali Linux is a great Linux distribution for Hacking and  Penetration testing. Commands in Linux is the most important part. Let it be for hacking or Penetration testing commands is the base for everything. So here are the basic commands of Kali Linux-for beginners.

(Remember Linux commands are case sensitive so be careful with capital and small letters)
(All the commands are to be typed on Terminal )

#1. cal

Calendar -This command basically displays the current month calender in an formatted way.
cal command

#2. whoami

Who am i-This command is used to check the User you have logged in.
whoami commands

#3. date

Date-This command displays current day date
date command

#4. pwd

Print working directory - This command is very helpful if you are changing your directory from one to another. This command displays the 'Present Working Directory (the folder you are currently working on)
pwd command

#5. cd

Change directory - If you want to change your location from one file to another to access some file then this command is useful for you
syntax: cd "file name" (without quotes)
cd command


List - This command shows the files and folder in the current directory in which you are currently present.
ls command

#7. cd ..

change directory .. - this command is used to get back to the previous directory your were working on.
cd .. command

#8. mkdir

Make directory- This command is used for creating a new directory.
mkdir command

#9. cp

Copy- this command is used for copying the file from one location to another.
Syntax : cp -r (source location) (destination location)
cp command

#10. rm

Remove - This command is used for removing a file or folder.
Syntax : rm -r "file location" (without quotes)
rm command

#11. history

History - if you have forget which command you had used previously then you can type history command and all the previous commands will show up.
history command

#12. clear

Clear - if you want to clear the terminal then this command is perfect.
clear command

#13.  apt-get install

advanced packaging tool - This commands helps you to install tools from packages.
Syntax: apt-get install "package name" (without quotes)
apt-get install command

#14. git clone

Github clone - As Github is the targeted place for all the Security people, most of the tools are downloaded from Github so to install packages directly from github this command is useful.
syntax: Git clone "tool link" (without quotes)
git clone command

#15. df

Disk free - this commands show the free space in your disk
df command

#16. echo

Echo - this commands helps you to display the text you want to show.
Syntax : echo "Your Text" (without quotes)

echo command

#17. locate

Locate - this commands helps you to locate the particular directory of the file.
Syntax : locate "file name" (without quotes)
locate command

#18. ping

Packet Internet Groper - This command helps you to check the connection between your machine and the selected website or Internet protocol address.
Syntax : ping "website name" (without quotes)
example: ping www.google.com
Press ctrl + C to stop the process.
ping command

#19. ifconfig

Interface configuration - This commands let you see all your network details containing your IP address , gateway and much more
ifconfig command

#20. exit

Exit- this commands is used for closing the terminal 
exit commandAll these are the basic and most important commands for a hacker or a penetration tester. 

Baisc commands of Kali Linux - for beginners Baisc commands of Kali Linux - for beginners
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