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What is bug bounty ?

So as the name says Bug Bounty, Which means you get a Bounty (reward) when you find a Bug and report it to the concerned authority.
Many companies and organization run their bug bounty program where an Ethical hacker , Vulnerability tester, or security professional can join the program and further find flaws in their website , app or any other product given for testing purpose,
As soon as a tester finds a bug and reports it to the website owner or the bounty program authority , the tester is rewarded with some bounty. This bounty can be in form of money or any other product to the tester.

Many famous organization like Google, Microsoft, Mozilla give out huge amount of bounty. The bounty even reached to around $70,000.
So Bug Bounty has become one of the leading profession for most of the penetration tester in today's world.


Bug bounty is quite easy to start. A bug bounty hunter should first learn about the basics of networking, further he/she has to learn about Linux and should learn about different programming languages such as python, java , javascript and the basic markup language like HTML and CSS.

Different websites are made from different programming languages so it is not easy for a single person to master in all languages but one should have a clear basic knowledge of all type of programming languages.


There are several platforms to perform your skills.
The two major bug bounty platform is :
1. Hackerone
2. Bugcrowd
The above website will help you do bug testing and earn some bounties in return.

Even there are many competition held related to bug bounty like CTF (Capture the Flag). In CTF there are levels like games, to get to the next level you have to find a vulnerability in your current level so that using that vulnerability you can enter to the next level.

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